18 years later and Sony is shutting down PS2 aftercare service in Japan

When it comes to the PlayStation brand we all have to admit that Sony has done a great job over the years when it comes to supporting their hardware for many years. The PS1 through to the PS3 had so many years of support and we’re seeing the same with the PS4. However, when it comes to the PS2 there is literally no other console that has ever been as popular. Thanks to the huge numbers out in the wild Sony have been repairing consoles in Japan since it launched in 2000, but that is about to end.

Head to the official Japanese PlayStation website and you’ll see that players have until 7 September (that’s this coming Friday) to officially get their PS2 consoles repaired. From 8 September onwards Sony will officially turn its back on the beloved classic console, which means Japanese players will have to go to the third-party route to repair a PS2. 18 years is a very long time to see support for any console and we’re assuming that Sony is now stopping all PS2 part manufacturing and focusing only on PS3 and PS4. It was only a matter of time. Here in South Africa, we have Partserve who looks after PS2 repairs, though it’s not under warranty.

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