Capcom is upset with Ada’s design leak in Resi 2 remake and filing legal action

We didn’t report on a small leak earlier this week because we honestly thought that a mere redesigned look wasn’t newsworthy enough. Some things need to be left to the imagination to be enjoyed the day the game launches, you know? Well, it seems we will be covering this bit of information anyway as it appears that Capcom is super pissed off about the leak that took place.

Capcom has been flagging any and all YouTube videos they could find with the Ada reveal showing up in it and went as far as to track down the culprits who originally leaked it by breaking the NDA – a Chinese company. They’re now taking legal action against them. An example of videos being removed comes from one of the biggest Resident Evil fan sites in the world and they voiced their displeasure online for obvious reasons:

A detailed description of these events can be watched here:

You can’t blame these fans for being a little miffed about it all. That Ada leak can be found anywhere you go looking and trying to put a lid on that wildfire is completely pointless. On the other side of the fence, Capcom is within its rights to protect IP. Anyway, we’re just happy we’re not that Chinese company that’ll have to deal with the wrath of breaking an NDA agreement.

So, that very important image in question? This here:

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