Easter Egg in Spider-Man is a tragic, failed marriage proposal

Easter Eggs in games are lovely. Love is (generally) lovely. To combine the two is guaranteed to elicit an “awwwww” from the crowd and that is exactly what Tyler Schultz and Insomniac were scheming before the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man. Schultz had a grand plan to propose to his girlfriend in a big way by having the words “Madison, will you marry me?” somewhere in the fictionalised New York City. He asked Insomniac Games on Twitter if they’d be down with doing something like that and probably to his surprise, they agreed. Insomniac even asked him if his girlfriend will still be around when the game released on the 7th of September and he quite confidently said yes.

Fast forward to the release of the game and Schultz made a now deleted vlog detailing where you can find this proposal that was lovingly put on a marquee in the city that reads “Maddie, will you marry me?”. All according to plan, but unfortunately Maddie had different plans and dumped poor Schultz a few weeks before the grand reveal. Here’s the story from him:

The thing that sucks about this Easter egg is the date I’m making this video now, three, four weeks ago, my girlfriend dumped me to go with my brother, basically throwing away the five years we had together.

Oh dang. That’s proper awkward. I won’t speak for what happened to the relationship or Madison’s intentions because you can’t really pick a side with matters of the heart, but that has to sting. The poor man also had a physical representation of his love put in one of the most successful games of the year for millions to see which would have been a gigantic feat, but now it’s a painful reminder of what could have been. He did say that he’s “pretty happy that that got into the game” as a “nice little reminder of the almost mistake that I made”. Jacinda Chew, Insomniac’s art director, offered to change the sign to something else as a way to make something good out of this unfortunate incident.

Failed marriage proposals are always super awkward, especially if you do it on camera in front of hundreds of people. This is a little different from that since you can point launch from the sign as a superhero in a critically acclaimed game. Hopefully, Schultz gets back on his feet and takes this stumble as something to make him stronger. A lot of fish in the sea, my man.

Source: Polygon

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