Halo 5 is potentially heading to PC

When Microsoft started their whole integration of Xbox One and Windows 10, one series was sort of left in the dust. Most of their other big exclusives made the migration to PC with Xbox Play Anywhere, and the likes of Gears of War, Forza Horizon and Quantum Break all had their debut on Windows 10 computers. However, Halo was nowhere to be found and it was somewhat baffling that they didn’t port Halo 5: Guardians over to PC, especially considering it’s such a big franchise for the company. The did release Halo 5‘s forge for free at one point with included multiplayer matchmaking, but the whole experience was still just tied to the Xbox One.

A small change in the listing of Halo 5 on Amazon might be hinting at the game coming to PC soon. The box art used to say “Xbox One Exclusive”, but it was changed to “Xbox One Console Exclusive”, the same wording that is used in all Xbox Play Anywhere titles. This can mean that they’re working on bringing the game over to PC and it would be in line with what Phil Spencer hinted at earlier this year where he insinuated that the franchise will have a big appearance on PC.

This can mean that Halo 5: Guardians will be coming to PC, but the sexier theory that I have is that they might release the whole franchise on the platform at some point. The Master Chief Collection is already a convenient way to get the first trilogy on there and a port of Halo 4 wouldn’t be impossible. That all might seem like too much work though, especially since Halo: Infinite is on its way and confirmed for PC. Regardless, I think Chief will be making a solid comeback soon.

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