Catch a glimpse of Dusk Diver in debut trailer

We’ve all had a run in with the tale about how veils between worlds thin, or even connect, during dusk (or twilight) in some way or another. It’s a very well-known trope, and if used well it can be a very effective one.  And it seems Dusk Diver is the newest entry to try and utilise the concept.

While the art style might not give it away, Dusk Diver is actually born from a Taiwanese publisher, JFi Games, and developer, JERA Game Studio. The game takes place in Taipei’s Ximending neighbourhood, which the developers chose not only for its tourist-attracting nature, but because it was also home to an ancient Taipei castle.

Ximending, a crossroad of ancient and modern, where history and fashion intertwine; noisy and clamorous. And for that reasons, this place is full with endless vigor and also attracted the Gods and the Phantoms to set foot here.

The story will follow “a seemingly ordinary high school girl”, Yang Yumo, that gets “caught” in a strange incident while shopping. If you didn’t notice, for those in the back, I don’t believe the whole poor innocent girl thing they’re trying to pull here.

Upon further inspection of Yang’s bio on their official site for the game, I found that her great great great great grandfather was a spiritual power wielder, so that would explain the Super Saiyan God mode she enters in the trailer.

Dusk Driver Character splash

The site also goes on to introduce one of Yang’s teammate in the game, a guardian stationed in Ximending, Leo. He’s apparently in charge of handling local emergency matters. Like, you know, phantoms breaking through what is called the Dimension of Chaos into the Human Realm. This apparently happens every afternoon from 5pm to 7pm? Like the phantoms have an appointment for a playdate? Anyway, there are five more main characters that are waiting to be revealed, along with an official release date. For now, Dusk Diver is set to release on the Switch and PC some time in the spring of 2019. So around May-ish for us Southern Hemisphere dwellers.

I don’t know, I’m digging the Persona/RWBY-esque vibe it has. I’m actually excited to see what else it has to show off! We’ll keep you posted.

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