Niantic announces beta testing for a PokéStop nomination system

Trainers rejoice, Niantic yesterday announced a beta test coming to Pokémon GO of a PokéStop nomination system. The beta will for the first time allow players to nominate locations in the real world that they believe will be suitable for new PokéStops. This is great news for veterans and new players alike. However, as with most betas, there are terms and conditions. The beta feature will at first only be offered to level 40 trainers, and this excludes anyone below the age of 18. It also seems that Niantic will only be implementing the beta in two regions thus far, Brazil and South Korea. Although the beta is restricted only to those two regions, Niantic does state that it will be coming to other countries in the future.

Once trainers identify a potential PokéStop, they will need to submit photographs and descriptions of the locations. The submission will then be reviewed by users in the Ingress Operation Portal Recon project. Ingress is Niantic’s first location-based augmented reality mobile title. Check out how to submit a nomination here.

Source: Pokémon GO

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