AC Odyssey coming to the Switch in Japan in cloud form

Early this morning Nintendo released a Direct focusing on new 3DS and Switch games as well as providing more information on the upcoming Online service. For a break down look at our recap here.

However, what you might not know is that Japan got a slightly different version of the Direct showing a few Japan-only games. Perhaps the most surprising of these was the announcement that Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey would be making its way onto the Switch, as a cloud-based game. Video included below.

This is not the first venture that Nintendo has taken into ‘streaming’ games. Resident Evil 7 has already been released in Japan in the same format. Neither of the games are really my cup of tea, but what we do know is that these games are big, graphically intense and require a level of processing that the Switch may not be able to handle on its own. Hence, the use of cloud-based gaming, especially in a country with much more reliable and widely available broadband internet connections makes a lot of sense. Especially for those that are not able to own multiple consoles.

Unfortunately, the rise of cloud-based gaming brings with it issues regarding game ownership and worries of one day losing out on certain games because no physical media that you own contains the game. All those concerns aside though – it does seem that the large players in the industry are making a concerted effort into looking into implementing such gaming in the future. And that future may be a little closer than we think.

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