Take a look at three of Killer7’s deadly characters coming to PC

Goichi ‘SUDA51’ Suda’s Killer7, a game that originally released on the Gamecube and PlayStation 2, is coming to Windows PC and NIS America just released a new trailer.

Killer7 Remaster is an intricate tale of assassins doing the dirty work for the American government taking on a terrorist faction by the name of Heaven Smile in an alternate future Earth, going about their jobs in some brutal fashion. In the trailer we get to see three different characters in action: Gracian “The Cleaner” Smith and his Resurrection ability, Dan “The Hellion” Smith and his Collateral Shot ability, and Kevin “Four-Eyes” Smith, alongside his special Invisibility ability.

The art style holds up well in today’s standards with the sharp polygons scaling to higher resolutions and the higher frame rates taking it a big step from what it was on the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube. Those that have played Goichi Suda’s trippy creations before will be pleased with the new widescreen cinematic view. Killer7 is set to release in mid Spring 2018.

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