Ada Wong officially shows up in a new story trailer for Resident Evil 2 remake

Tokyo Game Show 2018 is alive and kicking as we speak and with that, you can expect lots of news to drop today and tomorrow that involves lots of goodness right out of Japan. One of the biggest hits from Capcom, Resident Evil 2 remake, has just dropped a new story trailer. If you’re new to the series and never played the original game on the PS1 (and later N64, Dreamcast and GameCube) then there’s nothing wrong with checking out the trailer below. It’s not going to spoil too much if you don’t understand how it’s all connected.

It jumps between scenes that involve both Claire and Leon, but it’s the arrival and official reveal of Ada that’ll get most long-time fans excited. Her new look recently leaked, which had Capcom getting a little nasty about, but now you can see the official reveal for yourself. Kudos to Capcom, as she looks really stylish and it suits her character. What I would like to point out is just how downright freaky the zombie dogs are looking. I reckon these dogs are going to be heart attack material this time, and not just some laughable virtual horror doggos. Also, is that a child zombie? Hopefully they release a ‘here are extra pants’ edition.

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