New content coming to Final Fantasy XV from Tomb Raider and Terra Wars

Final Fantasy XV TGS 2018

This past weekend during a live stream at TGS 2018 it was revealed that Final Fantasy VX will be the recipient of more cross-overs. This time around, the highly acclaimed JRPG will be receiving content from Terra Wars, Tomb Raider and Sengoku Action Puzzle DJ Nobunaga.

Terra Wars is the larger contributor to the extra content, as you can see. The cross-over will see Noctis needing a character from Terra Battles 2, Sarah, to complete a dungeon. As for Tomb Raider and Sengoku Action Puzzle DJ Nobunaga, they will be present in a more cosmetic sense with both providing skins for you and your Comrades to run around in. Additionally, Tomb Raider will also be providing some Shadow of the Tomb Raider exclusive soundtrack songs that you will be able to listen to in your car rides.

Personally, I only recognised one of those names, and we all know which one that was. But either way, the content coming from Terra Wars looks like a rather good time if you’ve already finished the game and would love some extra story to sink your teeth into.  The content released today, the 25th of September, in Japan. So far there’s no word on the rest of the world but I suspect by Christmas it ought to be accessible to the rest of us.

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