Amnesia Collection now available for purchase on Xbox One

The horror epic that will have you questioning the protagonists’ mental state has finally released on Xbox One. The Amnesia: Collection consists of three first-person horror titles, The Dark Descent, Justine and A Machine for Pigs, all capable of touching your very last nerve in ways you might not have encountered before.

Amnesia was limited to both Windows PC and PlayStation 4 with the last expansion dating back to 2013. The visuals might not have kept up with the times, but the gameplay and overall experience certainly has the legs. The Amnesia Collection holds enough scares, intense and horrifying moments that will make you feel uneasy most of the time, so don’t go in thinking this is just a run of the mill horror experience. It will get to you, right at your core and shake you up and probably induce sleepless nights.

The game is available on Xbox One and Xbox One X for R249 and includes all the main title and its gruesome expansions. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart and it now has a hard mode. Scary.

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