The Last of Us: Part II music theme paints a sombre picture

It’s the game most PlayStation fans have been waiting for since they played the original on PS3 back in 2013. We’re still waiting for a release date, what we have seen so far is looking very promising. Naughty Dog has been very clever in its release of content since the game was announced, by giving us all just enough to get by. This week they released a free theme for the PS4 and along with that they also uploaded the official main theme song from the game.

You would have heard parts of the song before in trailers, but now you can listen to the complete version. The man that worked on the theme for the original game, Gustavo Santaolalla, reprises his role. He’s walked away with Academy Awards in the past and worked on compositions for movies like Making a Murderer and the movie Brokeback Mountain and we don’t have to say too much about his original work in the first game to confirm that he’s very talented. The song feels like the embodiment of what we can expect in the game – a world that has fallen to pieces, where there is little hope for humanity.

If you’re keen on listening to the main theme on the service of your choice, Naughty Dog posted the below details about where you can go download it:

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