Say hi to new management sim game, Weedcraft Inc

Weedcraft Devolver Vile

When I say “management simulation game” one of the first things that  pops into your head is probably something like Roller-coaster Tycoon or Fallout Shelter. Which is understandable, they’re rather big and popular games with their own cool theme and they’re much loved in the community. But what you probably didn’t think of, that’s also loved by a lot of people, is weed.

Weedcraft Inc comes from the minds behind the Oh… Sir! insult games, and is being published by Devolver Digital. Most people in the gaming community will likely feel like this is such a Devolver game that they’re hardly surprised their name is on it. My initial reaction was, in fact: Of course they’re apart of it. Devolver is known for their quirky and… different games. 

The game’s goal is rather simple: grow and sell your weed in America. But you must do this while also being exposed to the financial, political and cultural aspects of America’s complex relationship with the controversial plant.

As in real life, the business of bud presents plenty of opportunity along with a plethora of problems. Decide when and where to take on extra risk to maximize profit, but be careful, the cops and politicians are all working their own angles.

As in the real world, you can choose to pay-off cops, “hobnob” with politicians, fight for medical marijuana rights or just play the legal system so that it works for you. Whichever kind of kingpin you’d like to be, Weedcraft Inc probably has you covered.

Expect Weedcraft Inc to roll onto PC sometime next year.

I obviously don't know anything about games. I'm just here for the free food, and to push my feminist agenda.

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