The Quiet Man receives a release date, gameplay and story trailer

Have you heard of The Quiet Man? We saw a short clip of the live action parts you’ll see in The Quiet Man featuring a young deaf protagonist, Dane, at Square Enix’s showcase at this year’s E3. In it he takes on some thugs in a dark alleyway in the city of New York in hand-to-hand combat. In that video there’s a transition from live action to CG indicating that this will be the format in which you play the game out, changing from one to the other.

Today they released another video showing some of the story elements and some more gameplay for you to look at with a release date for Japan and potentially the West. With 1 November 2018 less than a month away and other action adventure games flooding the market including the first DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man, one wonders whether The Quiet Man stands a chance during this busy period or if it will be overlooked. There will be limited editions that include avatars for PS4 players and wallpapers for PC.

The Quiet Man will release on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC on 1 November with no indication of it going to other platforms just yet.

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