PSN name changes may be coming soon since developers are preparing for it

Since the dawn of the PlayStation Network, there was one noticeable omission from the list of features that has stood the test of time well into the modern era. You cannot change your damn name. Once you create a tag, that was how you were going to be known forever and anyone that has been 14 will know that you can make some unfortunate choices with regards to your online persona at the time. It was a baffling thing for Sony to not have and they have given various excuses why name changing was “impossible”, but there seems to be hope yet.

Sources have told Kotaku that developers have been prepping for a potential name change system by Sony by tweaking their games to work with the name changes. It all comes from four anonymous sources that each have the same story and one of them has a picture that showed an “edit username” option on your PSN profile. They also expressed that this feature wasn’t available due to how Sony’s PSN IDs were generated back when they created the system, making it difficult for them to simply flip a switch.

To this day, Sony is being hounded by people who want to change their online game and for good reason because you just have two options at the moment. Live with your unfortunate username or create an entirely new one, losing all progress, trophies, save files and everything, Maybe this will be a surprising new change with the next major firmware update, but time will tell.

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