Killzone devs have hired Rainbow Six Siege devs for a ‘secret project’

Sony has done just about everything right in this generation. They’ve ensured that players who love a great single player experience will get what they want from the various exclusives on offer and have signed up big third-party timed exclusives (and sometimes outright exclusives – Yakuza for example) to make the PS4 a very desirable console. They might now be after the FPS market too.

Guerrilla Games, known for the stunning Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone franchises, has recently picked up three important members for their team. A person on ResetEra picked up on the movement that took place, but it’s the little details that count. Apparently this is for a secret project and it so happens to be that two of these people were acquired from the team who worked on Rainbow Six Siege. More so, they even lured in Simon Larouche, the director of Rainbow Six Siege.

Here is the proof via Linkedin, showing off the changes for Chris Lee, who is now a principal game designer:

Your guess is as good as ours at the moment, but when you consider that this team comes with online multiplayer knowledge for FPS games it’s hard not to think that it’ll be a new Killzone. Here’s hoping. It’s been a long time since we all played Killzone: Shadow Fall. It could very well be a multiplayer component for Horizon Zero Dawn or a brand new IP altogether. For now we wait.

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