Capcom reveals the DLC for Resident Evil 2 remake

One of the games a lot of us are very excited about for early next year is Resident Evil 2. It’s a full remake of the classic 1998 survival horror game, which a lot of people will argue is the best in the series. The game will be available in three versions, a normal, standard version and two premium versions called the deluxe and the collector’s edition. Capcom revealed what DLC will be made available with the premium editions.

The deluxe edition costs about R140 more than the standard edition, and for that, you will essentially get a couple of cool looking costumes. The DLC includes:

  • “Elza Walker” costume for Claire
  • “Military” costume for Claire
  • “Noir” costume for Claire
  • “Noir” costume for Leon
  • “Arklay Sheriff” costume for Leon
  • “Albert Model Samurai Edge” handgun
  • “Retro Soundtrack Swap”

The collector’s edition of Resident Evil 2 will include the exact same DLC, but also includes an awesome statue of Leon Kennedy. Whether it is worth the extra few rands will mostly depend on the nostalgia factor. I personally like playing the game with the original costumes, at least the first time, but there are some people out there who absolutely love this type of DLC.

Resident Evil 2 will release on 25 January 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Source: Polygon

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