The winners of the rAge 2018 cosplay competition are…

Rage Expo Cosplay Contest

Yet another rAge expo has come and gone, and while it wasn’t one for the books (for me) it was still heaps of fun to attend. Each year, countless cosplayers flock to the dome to strut their stuff but only a few are brave enough to dare and enter the competition. This year didn’t seem to have pulled as many contestants as it usually does, but it still made for a fantastic show.

The cosplay competition has been organised and run by the team behind GES, and I have to admit that this year the whole thing went off without a single hitch. It really was one of the best run contests I’ve seen, and all involved should feel very proud! The panel of judges consisted of Jess Scholtz, a fashion designer; Darren Craig, a singer, and the amazing JinxKitty Cosplay, who represented SA at the World Cosplay Summit earlier this year.

Jess, JinxKitty, and Darren

This year the categories available to contestants were quite a few, with a few additional new ones that were added just for this year’s event. Each and every win was well deserved beyond measure. Without further ado, here are your winners!

Starting from the top, here’s the list:

  • Best Youth: A tie between Jemma Fletcher and Fin McCarthy.
  • Best Wig: Black Lily Cosplay as Doll from Black Butler.
  • Best Prop: Adaptus Cosplay as an Elder Warlock from WH40k.
  • Best New-Comer: Helen Boryna as Catwoman.
  • Green Leaf Award: Tracy Benson as Imperator Furiosa.
  • Best Assassin’s Creed: Joel Smith as Alexios in second place, and in first place Psycadillo Cosplay as Kassandra.
  • Group Division: Vox Populi (Melandrie Boshoff and Coenraad William Basson) Booker and Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite.
  • Representation Division: in first place, Melania Jansen van Vuuren.
  • Needlework Division: third place, Kimiko Cosplay, second place, Adaptus Cosplay, and first place, Helen Boryna.
  • Armour Division: third place went to Sam Christov, second place to Joel Smith, and first place went to Apex Cosplay.
  • Skit Division: first place went to Kimiko Cosplay as Laala Manaka from Prism Paradise.
  • Best Construction: Lulu Hannie Cosplay as Uriel from Darksiders.
  • Master’s Division: Black Lily Cosplay.
  • Judge’s Favourite: Apex Cosplay in his Fallout Power Armor.
  • Best In Show Award: Maramosa Cosplay as Tracer.

Well done to all the winners! Seriously, you guys were beyond impressive, and each of you deserves your winnings. And to those who didn’t win, you guys looked just as amazing! Next year you’ll come back swinging even harder. But for now, we all deserve some well-earned rest.

I’ll be posting the cosplay parade video, skits and photos later this week, so keep an eye out for that!

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