Stardew Valley is coming to a phone near you

Stardew Valley‘s quest to get on every platform out there is a relatively easy one considering how small the game is in terms of size and graphical fidelity. I remember even playing the game on my potato laptop that had a hard time running Minesweeper at 30 fps. The game’s most recent porting ventures have happened on the platforms that probably suit this type of game the best, namely the mobile platforms. The game’s version on the Nintendo Switch has been a tremendous success due to the console’s portability and the game still frequently appears on the top of the best-sellers list. Now it seems that the game is going big time by going to a platform that you almost certainly have in your pocket right now. Phones.

The game will be coming to iOS and Android, but the iOS version will be first and is slated to release in a couple of weeks on the 24th of October. The Android version doesn’t have a release date yet, but don’t expect it to be too far behind. The game is being ported by The Secret Police and has received assistance from creator ConcernedApe himself. The game will obviously feature touch-screen controls and a new UI that will work with these devices and judging from the other versions, it might be a relatively painless transition.

This is probably the perfect platform for this game. Whip out your phone while you’re on the daily commute or earning your salary on the toilet and toil away at the dirt in search of sweet profit. I’ve played the game on two platforms now so I might have some burnout, but the proposition to have one of the best farming games right on my phone is a tantalising one. The game will set you back $7.99 on the iOS version, but once you pay that, that’s it. No microtransactions for extra hats or Chicken Points or whatever. Just a pure and beautiful experience.

Source: Videogamer

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