Ninja Theory launches mental health training scholarship in honour of Senua

Anyone who has played, or even just heard of, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will know it is steeped in the topic of psychosis; how it affects you and the people around you, how people deal with it, and it’s possible causes. All-in-all amassing a greater understanding of this very real and scary symptom in the gaming community. Now, Ninja Theory wishes to take that a step further by launching Senua’s Scholarship.

During the development of Hellblade the team at Ninja Theory collaborated with neuroscientists, non-profit organisations, and professors on the subject to ensure they depict it as well, and as truthfully, as they possibly can. One such entity they consulted with was the Cambridge Recovery College East, who will be the recipient of the scholarship.

This will allow a student to be trained at the recovery college each year to become a tutor in mental health support. It actually warmed my heart to hear that Ninja Theory is trying to help even more people who are struggling with psychosis on a daily basis.

If you want to help them do even more great things like this, buy the game! It’s available on PS4, XBO and PC. Or simply find your closest mental health organisation, and ask them if they need any help in funding or volunteers. Maybe you taking the time to teach someone to play a game helps them have a good day.

To learn more about psychosis yourself, watch Senua’s Psychosis. But be warned, if you haven’t finished the game yet there will be spoilers.

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