Return of the Obra Dinn finally has a release date

Lucas Pope managed to capture my heart and the hearts of many with the art of paperwork in his explosive debut Papers, Please. It was a game that was supposed to be immensely boring with you being a border control officer checking people’s paperwork for incorrect dates and sneaky forgeries. What it ultimately ended up being was a game that challenged your moral compass, forcing you to make tough decisions in your little cubicle in a fictional Slavic country. The game has received wide praise, a lot of adoration and eyes placed on Lucas Pope. His next game, Return of the Obra Dinn, has been in the works for over four years now and we’ve been hotly anticipating its rumoured return.

It seems we won’t have to wait much longer though since Pope dropped this bombshell:

Well okay then, next week it is. If you’re unclear about what this game is about, you’re not alone, since all we know is that the game will put you in the shoes of an insurance agent that is tasked with evaluating a ship that randomly appeared without a crew. The art style is a complete trip and it’s extremely distinct as well. It’s all a big giant mystery, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Let’s wait a week and see what Pope has up his sleeve this time.

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