Still not sure about Black Ops 4 battle royale mode? This video might change that

Whether you love it or hate it, it seems that battle royale is here to stay. PUBG and Fortnite have practically owned the market up to this point, but now it’s time for the big boys to come out and play. Both Call of Duty and Battlefield will be making their first attempt to match the very popular new way of playing online games. We do have a feeling that Blackout in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 might just have the upper hand.

PUBG is an amazing game that, IMO, started the craze. However, from what I’ve seen there are limitations and it looks like Treyarch will be addressing many of the bits that are missing in these original battle royale modes. As is expected you’ll be dropped into one huge map, made up of various landmarks Call of Duty fans will be familiar with where you have to scavenge for arsenal, gear and perks. There are vehicles in the other popular titles, but it feels like Blackout will be taking that to a whole new level. Boats, quads and choppers are there to cause all sorts of havoc and there seems to be an immense focus on verticality. You are going to have to keep your wits about you with threats from above, and you also have zombies to contend with. At least you can go at it as a team or if you’re brave, a solo outfit. It’s complete mayhem

In typical Call of Duty fashion, it’s looking pretty darn action-packed… and it would be a lie if I said I wasn’t getting a little interested now.

For more details on the map, straight from the developers, be sure to get a look at this video:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 12 October. Be aware that BT Games will be open until 8 pm tonight, Game4u will be open until 6 pm tonight for you to collect your game early. This is due to there being a 50Gb day one patch, so best go pick up your game early if you can. Bought your game from RARU? Don’t worry, it’s already on its way to you.

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