Atomic Heart will get your pulse racing in its beta next year

Ever wanted to play in an alternate version of the USSR that has been drenched in sci-fi? Well, with Atomic Heart you can have exactly that! Imagine a world where Wolfenstein, Half-Life and a little bit of Prey (maybe?) combined but everything was set in Russia! Doesn’t that sound neat? Have a look for yourself.

Some of you may already know Atomic Heart, since it was announced way back in May already and has had its Steam page open ever since then. But for those who sadly missed that announcement, like me, the game is basically boiled down to: It’s an action RPG with FPS elements set in the alternate version of the USSR, where you play as a KGB officer that’s going to investigate what happened to The Facility 3826 after it went dark.

Mundfish, the developers behind the game, announced that the game will be having a beta end of next year (Q4), the date of which will only be announced mid-2019 (Q2). The beta will be launching across PS4, XBO and PC.

Atomic Heart

Simultaneously, they’ve announced various pre-order packages available for the game. They range from $30-$90, and all include access to the full game a whole 7 days ahead of launch and access to the beta. Obviously, the more money you spend the more stuff you get. So if you’d like your name and face on the wall of the Safe Zone, cough up the money.

On their official site, that they have now launched, there are a few more details they’re slipping into their FAQ section. It seems like they’re aiming for “modest” system requirement, despite the 4K trailer they released.

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