Strange PSN message bug freezing PS4 consoles

As explained by Alex Co (writing for late last week a Reddit user reported receiving a strange private message (PM) apparently containing “two symbols”. Once received, the user’s PS4 console froze displaying a CE_36329-3 error. Over the weekend a few more Reddit users seemed to have similar experiences. According to Co’s response tweet (included below), it seems Sony is looking into the issue, however, no official response had been provided to Co (or otherwise) at the time of writing.

While awaiting this official response and, hopefully, accompanying official ‘fix’ from Sony, Co has also followed up his initial article with an article outlining an ‘unofficial’ way to sort out the problem (as provided by ResetEra user kennyamr. This ‘fix’ (read please use at your own risk) basically involves shutting down the console upon receiving the message, deleting the message via the phone app, and rebuilding the database via Safe Mode. If, however, you’d prefer to wait for the official response from Sony (probably the safest option), but want to do something now to help – both Reddit users and Co suggest turning your messages to “Private” – and then hoping that none of your online friends has nefarious intentions.

To set messages to private go to Settings > Account Management > Privacy Settings > Personal Info | Messaging and set messages to Friends or No One. (You will be prompted to enter your password.)

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