Sean Bean is Elusive Target #1 in Hitman 2

Hitman 2

Sean Bean is the actor who has died so many times in films, that his deaths now have their own IMDB page. So why am I surprised to see him in Hitman 2, where one more death will be marked off against him? He sure seems aware of his deadly reputation in this new trailer, where he is revealed to be The Undying.

This video serves more than just a teaser for the game, it is also the beginning of their polls for which weapon the public likes more. You can vote between the robot, earphones, and pen, which symbolise a flash grenade, concealable garrotte and a compact explosive, respectively.

Placing your vote will see you unlock an exclusive weapon that you can use throughout your play of Hitman 2. Presumably not one of the nominated ones, perhaps those will become The Undying’s weapon of choice?

Along with the reveal of who the first elusive target is going to be, they also revealed the mission launch date which will be only a week after the game releases. It seems like from the 20th of November up until the 30th this mission will be available to players to try.  Elusive targets, for non-Hitman fans, are basically special missions that appear for a specified amount of time and if you fail it you won’t be able to try again unless you restart the whole thing.

If you’re interested in getting your hands onto that special weapon, head over to the page to vote. Hitman 2 will be launching on the PS4, XBO and PC on the 13th of November.

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