Some MediEvil remastered details leaked ahead of Halloween reveal

I’m not sure what the toughest thing is to shallow, now that PlayStation Experience has been cancelled – the fact that there are no cool game announcements in December or that we won’t get to see Shawn Layden wearing a shirt showing off some much-beloved game returning to the PlayStation platform. Last year the big reveal came in the form of MediEvil and that it’s being remastered for PS4.

A user on Reddit has leaked some information and a pack shot of what the box art will look like ahead of its official reveal, which is rumoured to be tied in with Halloween next week:

  • Medievil 1 and 2 remastered but with changes. Medievil Remastered is more similar to Medievil Resurrection but also has differences, and Medievil 2 Remastered also has changes with respect to the original.
  • Trailer-gameplay on October 31 coinciding with Halloween.
  • The trailer announces the release date that I will not say to keep the mystery but it’s in a very, very few months.
  • The plan is to bring back Medievil fans and bring new ones to the saga.
  • If the game works well is planned to start developing Medievil 3.

Get a look at the official teaser trailer that released last year at PlayStation Experience:

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