Battlefield V’s Firestorm battle royale mode has been delayed until next year

In just under a month, after the game was delayed for a month due to apparent quality if life changes and optimisations, Battlefield V will launch with a single-player campaign and various multiplayer modes we’re accustomed to. This time we’re facing off in a WWII setting and being taken on a journey through the “untold stories” of the era.

It’s unclear whether these are interactive works of fiction or based on real events, but what has become clear as of today is that we won’t see the next triple-A developed battle royale mode until first quarter next year. This is due to EA releasing a roadmap detailing future DLC in a slide that showcases your standard content releases, but the puzzling and somewhat disappointing bit is that ‘Firestorm’ won’t ship on launch day and will only come about in March 2019. At least this puts all speculation to bed as to when the game mode would become available, but at the same time raises more questions as to why another part of the major FPS is being delayed.

No details have been shared as to why it’s being delayed, but I’m sure the same “optimisation for the best experience” line will start making the rounds again sometime soon. As we’ve seen in recent news, Treyarch ran into some server tickrate issues as the first triple-A battle royale offering reared its head and perhaps DICE are fine-tuning the experience to avoid such technical issues and public backlash. Battlefield V is set for release on 20 November 2018.


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