A trio of Resident Evil GameCube classics are heading to the Switch in 2019

When the purple cube that is the GameCube launched in 2002 it had a really tough time shaking its ‘console for kids’ image and with that Nintendo and Capcom had made some arrangements that included one big franchise jumping ship to Nintendo’s new console. The first Resident Evil game received a complete remake (you know, those remasters you can download these days on other current formats) and new to it was Resident Evil Zero and 4. Capcom now officially announced that we’ll see those classics returning to the big N in 2019.

We would love to say that it’s the first time that Resident Evil 4 will be playable on a portable system, but the popular game has been playable on iOS and Android, though a set of buttons will surely help it that much more. Resident Evil Remake and Zero will be playable on-the-go for the first time, unless you include remote playing it on the Vita via the PS4. The three games originally began life on a Nintendo console, so it’s pretty cool to see all three games going full circle and ending up on Nintendo’s Switch.

We’re hoping that Capcom will work on motion control mechanics, especially for Resident Evil 4, as it really did add to the game instead of feeling like a mere gimmick on the Wii. Either way, if you’ve been living under a rock for the last 15 years or so – soon you’ll play some of the best Resident Evil classics wherever you might be.

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