See a full mission from Anthem and the elemental power of the Storm javelin

Bioware has been showing off Anthem again, this time during a livestream from Paris Games Week. The stream is of a full level, with several javelins showing off their best moves, as well as a Q&A. If you want about 20 minutes of gameplay to decide if Anthem is for you, this might be the video to watch.

It is a good idea to start the video at 3:37 as the first bit has a nasty echo and it gets fixed at that time. They then recap everything they went over in the first few minutes anyway, so you don’t have to struggle through hearing things twice. The mission involves hunting down a lost arcanist and fighting a mini-boss.

One of the showcased javelins is the Storm. It can unleash ice and lightning in regular combat with an ultimate that creates a tiny storm that then hits enemies with massive lightning bolts. There is also an Interceptor javelin which warps from enemy to enemy, hitting them with dual blades.

The video has a Q&A in the middle before continuing with gameplay, with around roughly 20 minutes of mechs flying around shooting things, like a guy with a big shield and a flamethrower. The video is of an alpha build running on low settings if you are wondering about the graphics.

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