Snoop Dogg partners with Spyro to bring you a cross-country special delivery

American Spyro

What do you get a man that has enough money to buy absolutely everything he wants, while probably lighting one up while he’s doing it? A once in a lifetime experience, that’s what. Snoop Dogg, the (in)famous rapper, will be presented a copy of Spyro The Reignited Trilogy via (dramatic pause) fire-breathing Spyro drone.

Not only does this bad boy spit fire like Snoop, but he also talks. The drone is set to make stops at every US-located area that inspired in-game locations in the original trilogy, making its way from NYC to LA. Building up “hype” as it goes, I think.

The first stop, which was shown off in the video, was the castle that inspired Stone Hill, located right outside of New York. The official Spyro The Dragon Twitter account posted this drone video, as well, captioned by cute banter. So I suggest you follow it, and the tag #SpyroToSnoop, so that you don’t miss any locations.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be releasing on the 13th of November, a mere two weeks away! Are you getting fired-up, too?

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