Let’s take a closer look at Anthem’s Javelins

One of the most exciting things coming from Anthem is possibly the Javelins. Thanks to Arekkz Gaming we’re given an in-depth look at the abilities and ultimate weapons of these powerhouse exosuits.

The Interceptor

First up we get a look into the Interceptor. This Javelin is all about speed and style. It equips double-bladed daggers for melee attacks, and possesses a multitude of assault weapons such as a seeker glaive, acid bomb and spark dash to name a few. Note that the game is still in development and prone to change at any time.

The Storm

This Javelin seems to follow the lines of what a mage would be in MMOs. Definitely a ranged Javelin with some devastating attacks but low defense. Some of the ranged or rather Blast Seals attacks utilized by the Storm Javelin are known as Lightning Strike, Ice Storm and Flame Burst. Nevertheless the Storm does still possess a melee attack known as Fiery Strike. Thankfully the Storm is also capable of good support moves for your team, creating a wind wall to deflect incoming projectiles or a field to help improve the cooldown periods for your team mates weapons. This wizarding exosuit is definitely going to be a fan favorite.

The Colossus

Definitely the hard hitter and tank of a Javelin. The Colossus is the only Javelin that can equip heavy weapons, however, this comes with a sacrifice as it is also the only Javelin that cannot equip light weapons such as pistols. The melee attack from the Javelin is the Heavy Smash, yes, HULK SMASH. The launcher gear on this Javelin is able to equip High Explosive Mortar, Firewall Mortar and Shock Coil to name a few. The wrist mounted assault gear it possesses are a heavy cannon, flame thrower, flak cannon, rail-gun and acid spitter. This is definitely the heavy hitter Javelin and one for everyone out there that just want’s to demolish their enemies and environments.

The Ranger

The Ranger Javelin is an all rounder and will also be the Javelin that we all begin the game with. The Ranger can equip melee weapons as well as grenades, including Frag Grenades, Inferno Grenades and Frost Grenades to name a few. The Ranger also has Assault Launcher Gear which is capable of releasing homing missiles, energy pulses, spark beams, venom darts and blast missiles. I see this Javelin being the most common at first and then slowly reducing in number once players become more comfortable and familiar with the other Javelins.

Anthem is set for release on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 22nd of February 2019. Are you excited, and what’s your favorite Javelin thus far?

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