No one is untouchable in this Hitman 2 trailer

Your favourite bald agent will be returning as soon as Tuesday next week (13 November). If you played the reboot of the series a few years back you’ll be aware that the once-beloved franchise finally returned to its roots where players had numerous ways of completing any mission. It brought back what worked in the earlier games, such as the original Hitman 2 and Blood Money. The latest trailer isn’t here to completely drop your jaw, it’s just here to remind you that the man with a barcode on the back of his head is still a legend.

In the footage below you’ll get to see other locales Agent 47 will be visiting on this outing. By now you should be well aware that you will be visiting Columbia and Miami where he’ll tackle drug lord and race-day themes, but get ready for assassination missions to stretch around the globe. Hawke’s Bay, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, and the mysterious Isle of Sgàil will provide a new hunting ground for players. If you’re a Hitman fan you should watch this trailer. It’s filled with feels.

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