Project Ebon Blade at BlizzCon 2018

BlizzCon has come and gone and left us all anxious to see what the future of Blizzard games hold. And while the stage shows cases, Q&A sessions, and tournaments were all that we unlucky viewers at home were able to see, it doesn’t mean that there weren’t a million other astounding things going on just around the corner. Unless you’re stalking your favourite cosplayers, or constantly refreshing the feed that you set up for #BlizzCon2018, you’ve probably missed some amazing outfits.

At this year’s BlizzCon there was a rather sizable cosplay group that consisted of not only characters from all across World of Warcraft but consisted of people from all across the globe. Project Ebon Blade was started about a year ago by cosplay designer and illustrator, Zach Fischer. You probably know his work from last year’s BlizzCon where Jessica Nigri wore a redesigned Alextrasza. In fact, all of Jessica’s WoW dragon cosplays were redesigned by Zach.

The Project

We have the artist, but what was the idea? Basically, Project Ebon Blade is a community cosplay project that sought to reimangine Knights of the Ebon Blade, and even non-death knights, from World of Warcraft as much darker death knights. Weapons, armour, banners, and even slight character re-conceptualization went into creating the templates these cosplayers used to build their BlizzCon 2018 outfits. And I have to admit they all turned out amazing.

Project Ebon Blade

The cosplays

This has to be one of the biggest cosplay groups I’ve seen at any one con in a very long time. And while I truly tried to get all the designs and cosplays together, there are most probably some that I missed. Sorry about that!

That said, each cosplayer that took part in this project really did an amazing job. From seasoned armour builders who got to try out new techniques, to first-timers pushing themselves to do their best.  It’s a bit of a running thing in the cosplay community that groups never actually make it to the con, because everyone drops out at the last second so seeing something like this might give us all motivation to go through with it next time!

But enough about that! Here are your cosplayers!

Rolyat as Siouxsie the Banshee
Project Ebon Blade

Photo – Martin Wong

VividVidka as Sylvanas

Project Ebon Blade

Jordan Rhine as Kalecgos

Milynn Sarley as Alextrasza The Deathbinder


89stiles as Vol’Jin


Alright, as much as I would love to scour the internet to find every tag and cosplayer that participated in Project Ebon Blade, I don’t have a thousand years to spend doing that. But I do highly encourage you to follow the tag #ProjectEbonBlade on Twitter and Instagram to see all the amazing photos that will be coming out of the woodwork soon. I do, however, have a gallery of what I could find so far, and you should check out the photographers responsible, too!

If you see any more amazing cosplays from the project, feel free to drop links in the comments! Also check out the rest of Martin Wong, The Sleepy Muse and DTJAAAAM‘s galleries!

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