PUBG might be coming to PS4

Microsoft struck quite a deal when they secured the once world-famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to have its exclusive console debut on the Xbox One. The lustre has obviously died down recently with Fortnite more or less taking over the world and becoming the premiere piece of entertainment for 12-year-olds everywhere. Additionally, Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode has also been touted as a better version of PUBG with many players jumping the ship to that franchise. However, the game still has some life in it and if Bluehole knows what’s good for them, they’d aggressively support their title in any way they can. One of those ways is to get it to as many places as it can.

Xbox’s exclusivity deal is more than likely running out and we’ve been seeing a lot of evidence that the game will be coming to the PS4. Firstly, there’s the Korean Ratings Board that rated the game for the PS4 and the board is notorious for getting predictions right. Additionally, a user on PSNProfiles has discovered game assets on their PS4 database such as game images and Content-ID codes for the title. It’s nowhere near confirmed, but these reveals spell out a high possibility that the game will be heading to PS4.

I don’t know how relevant PUBG still is because of its contemporaries, but the game was once one of the highest selling games of all time. Taking it to other platforms is nothing but beneficial and the previously neglected PS4 gamers might finally be able to get some chicken dinners of their own.

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