Burning Question: What game got you hooked on video games?

I started playing games in the late 1980s. The games I mostly played was on my parent’s 286 PC. The games I played included an old F1 game, a golf game and some of the Sierra Quest games, which I didn’t understand because I couldn’t really read and write so well yet. Granted, I was four or five at the time, so that might have been a reason for it. By the 90s we started seeing colour in the PC games and my absolute favourite game at the time was Lemmings.

I did get a knock-off NES console when I was about 11 in 1993, and I did enjoy playing it, I always gravitated to PC, since games on PC at the time was miles ahead of what could be done on consoles. I mostly ignored consoles and in my teen years, I played excellent games on PC such as Half-Life, Command & Conquer and StarCraft. This went on until about 2001 when the graphics card we were using died and I didn’t bother replacing it since I had other priorities at the time. I went on a bit of hiatus for a few years and it was only in 2006 that I got roped backed into the world of gaming and never looked back. It was one particular game I saw and played at a friend’s house, and that game is none other than:

God of War (2005)

Yup, that’s right. I was a completely blown away by this game and how far consoles had come. I could not believe that a game running on a console could look so damn good. I sat and played for about three hours on that Saturday afternoon and I think by the next Tuesday, I had bought a PlayStation 2 and a copy of God of War.  I played the hell out of it and enjoyed every single moment. After this, I started looking at other games that came out on the PS2 and needless to say I found tons of games in the bargain bins and sales all across town. It was so easy to get hooked because the games were super cheap. I played some real gems on the PS2, and it was all thanks to the angry, vengeful Ghost of Sparta.

I recently realised that even though I played games growing up, I never was really a “gamer” like I am today, and God of War was the game that essentially introduced me to the crack that is video games. So this brings me to my question, what game was it, that completely pulled you into the world of video games? Or perhaps it was a moment in a game that made you go, “Yup, I’m doing this until the day a die!” Let us know in the comments below.

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