Skating is for the fowls in SkateBird


I have quite the sweet-spot for (quirky) indie games, they tend to be so sincere and are usually made for the love of making games. They tend to go where other bigger game development names can’t for fear of loss of revenue, or ridicule. That’s why is one of my go-to sites to find weird and wonderful creations. And although it’s only available through Steam for now, SkateBird fits this quirky (duck)bill really well.

Developed by Glass Bottom Games, SkateBird will see you take control of a tiny, lonely bird who wants to help his owner get back into skating by “the power of being a chill little skateboarding bird”.  The more you skate, the bigger following you get on Tweeter, which will lead to possibly hosting events but most importantly, you’ll be making friends.

Unlike other, more well-known skating games there will only be simple button configurations. No need to man-handle your joy-sticks to get something cool to happen. You do, however, get to play around in a series of tiny worlds, each having its own objective and secret seeds planted over the place. Oh, and you can also make friends via these objectives… or just trying really hard. Much like life.

Have a great time with your potential new birb friends in 2019(-ish) on PC! In the meantime, why not try out Glass Bottom Games’ other creation that released earlier this year? It’s called Spartan Fist, so it has to be fun, right?

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