Two new Tom Clancy games brings Xbox backwards compatible total to over 550

As silly as it might have sounded at the time of the announcement, the backwards compatible feature has become a much bigger deal on the Xbox One than many might have thought. Why bother about remastering a game when you have access to your library on a console that can either upscale it or at the very least make it run much smoother than before? The total number of games supported on this service has now exceeded the 550 mark, coming in at 553 games.

Major Nelson dropped the below tweet to confirm that this list keeps growing every week:

Remastered games on the Xbox One has just about become pointless. Please note that I’m not referring to a remake, which is a whole different thing altogether. If you’re not sure how that works you’re welcome to read our take on the differences.

Opinion: There’s a big difference between a remake and a remaster, and it’s time we clear that up

If Microsoft (and hopefully Sony this time around) continues the backwards compatible feature in the next generation we’ll finally see the end of remastered games and rather let the hardware work some magic to make it play and look better in the next generation.

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