Forest of Liars’ development goes forth despite Kickstarter campaign cancellation

Beautiful art and narrative adventure games go together like Oreos and ice cream, it’s not necessary but it sure makes the experience so much better. And Umeshu Lovers Studio’s Forest of Liars is no exception.

Announced back in April, Forest of Liars promised to deliver a different experience each time you play. You need to navigate your way through a vast, lush labyrinth where you will “unmask the mysteries of a realm where many have entered but none have ever returned”. Sounds rather tantalising, right? Not enough, it seemed.

Earlier this year, Umeshu launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the rather mammoth project ahead of them. But on the 30th of May, after pledges reached $43,000 of the $103,000 goal, the studio cancelled the campaign and started looking for funding elsewhere. Where they would get that kind of money is beyond me.

Now, on the 6th of November Umeshu posted on their Twitter account that the development of the game is “progressing steadily” and that they are excited to show off the world they’ve meticulously created.

Forest of Liars is expected to release on the PC, Mac and consoles which probably means the Switch. We’ll keep you updated if any more news develops!

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