GRIS graces us with its beauty on December 13th

Jump into the life of a young girl, Gris, lost in her own world. As she deals with a painful experience within her life, Gris will journey through the beautifully rendered world filled with sorrow, dangers and wonder, as she grows emotionally aware of the world around her.

According to the developer, players will journey through the game without the frustration of death and be free of danger. However, you’ll still be faced with light puzzles, platforming challenges and skill-based tasks. In the latest trailer, we not only get to see some of these puzzles but also, how gorgeous this 2D platformer is, as well as being treated to what may just be an orchestral pleasure. Check out the latest trailer below and be sure to check out our previous coverage and trailers of this piece of art.

Gris is set for release on the 13th of December on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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