Kanto’s Gym Leaders and Elite Four are ready for you!

To be the very best, you have to beat the very best. In Kanto, it is no different. Pokémon fans who’ve played the mainline Pokémon games before know this. Journeying through Kanto and other regions isn’t just about catching Pokémon, but raising them up to be battle ready! Battle ready to not only take on other trainers but Pokémon Gym Leaders as well. Gym Leaders are of course a town’s top Pokémon trainer, which other Pokémon trainers challenge. Once a Pokémon Gym Leader has been defeated, that trainer will acquire a Gym Badge as proof. And once all eight Gym Leaders have been defeated, the trainer will be granted the opportunity to challenge the region’s top tier Pokémon Trainers, the Elite Four.

In the latest video released by The Pokémon Company we get to see the Gym Leaders as well as the Elite Four in all of their glory, in the Nintendo Switch’s highly anticipated Pokémon titles Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go Eevee! which is set to release in just eight days.

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