Mass Effect’s N7 day celebration hints at the future of the franchise

The Mass Effect franchise went through so much during its existence. It was seen as revolutionary during its first two instalments and managed to capture the hearts of gamers everywhere. Then it sadly went a little south with Mass Effect 3 and the conclusion to the trilogy and I don’t even want to start that debate again. Fast forward quite a few years and Mass Effect Andromeda divided the community because of its decisions and wonky craftmanship, despite being quite the commendable game if you played it all the way through. Things haven’t exactly been rosy for the franchise and especially so considering that EA and BioWare have put the franchise on ice indefinitely.

N7 takes place on the 7th of November every year (go figure) and it has been seen as a celebration of the franchise for fans. This year’s celebration obviously had a little sadness involved because of the franchise being on hiatus, but BioWare made a quick little video addressing fans:

Casey Hudson, general manager at BioWare, made an appearance at the end and said, “[N7 day means] coming into the studio every day and dreaming what the next great Mass Effect game will be” while taking a cheeky sip of his coffee from an “I should go” mug. This can all mean exactly nothing, but it might be some subtle hint that the franchise isn’t gone just yet and there might be some things in the pipeline. However, Anthem is probably taking up all of BioWare’s time at the moment, so I will definitely not count on anything happening soon.

Additionally, Mass Effect Andromeda received an Xbox One X patch on the day that increases the game’s resolution and gives some HDR options, which was a nice touch.

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