Why Switch Online NES Controllers will cost us over R1,300

Nintendo has had a big impact on a lot of our childhoods. They know this and do whatever they can to hit that nostalgia button as often as possible. And let’s be honest for a lot of us it usually works. One of the most recent examples of this tactic was the inclusion of a collection of NES games as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service. While this may not be for everyone, for fans of the Super Mario Bros. generation there was an exclusive ‘members-only’ product that probably caught your eye: “the full-size Nintendo Entertainment System Controllers for Nintendo Switch”.

While it was an irritation that they only work while playing the Online NES games, they are a thing of beauty and I’m sure I was not the only one quite keen on getting my hands on the special controllers. But just how do you get the controllers here in SA? Well, as the retro-styled controllers are only available to those that have paid for an online membership it’s not as straightforward as visiting your local Nintendo Pop-up store with a small wad of cash.

So let’s break down why we think this is the case and what you can expect to pay:

First, your membership is linked to your Nintendo account (which local suppliers would not have easy access to). So there has to be a way of confirming your membership prior to purchase and doing so online is the easiest way to do this; So you’ll have to visit the Nintendo.co.za website (here), sign in and then place your order. Then, we have to consider that SA falls under the care of Nintendo of Europe –  and here is where the weaker Rand and the distance to Europe plays a big part. The first thing you’ll notice is that the controllers are priced in Euros. €59,99 to be exact (or just over R950). A quick conversion and you’ll realise that it is already more than the $59.99 (around R840) advertised during the reveal for the US. Then you have to add in the €22,50 (around R360) for shipping to South Africa. This means the total cost will likely be upwards of R1,300 (and likely closer to R1,400 if not R1,500).

So what do you think South Africans – spending just under R1K for new old-school controllers already felt a little steep, now because of a few extra steps, will you be willing to spend nearly a grand and a half for some childhood nostalgia? Let us know in the comments section below.

PS. If you do plan to use them – you can look forward to using them to play Twin Bee, Mighty Bob Jack and the original Metroid game which are the NES releases for November:

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