Free Games Vrydag winner is silently killing folks

Welcome back to Free Games Vrydag! We’re heading into the last stretch of the year and all the madness is starting to calm down. November still has quite a lot up its sleeve and some big games are releasing soon that will be quite interesting to see. 2018 managed to become quite a year for gaming despite its slow start and it’s so awesome to see so many high scoring games that we can play. The backlog isn’t happy though, but that thing is almost never satisfied.

We had quite the busy week in SA Gamer Land. For reviews, Kyle went all Lovecraftian in Call of Cthulhu, Tim shook his rear in Just Dance 2019 and Dawid blasted into the past with Virtua Racing Deluxe. Our Burning Question asked which game got you hooked on gaming, I investigated why “mobile” is such a bad word now and Dawid looked at 13 games with mechanics that made them unique.

And now, for our hotly anticipated winner. Ya’ll really wanted the prize this week and we got close to a thousand entries which is impressive. So, without any further ado, the magical winner of Hitman 2 is none other than:

Alex Wrigley

Congratulations to Alex Wrigley for winning this week’s prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Enjoy being an assassin or just murdering everyone on the map for sport. Whatever floats your boat.

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s wonderful prize!

As a little announcement, we’ll be making some changes to how this post looks next week. We want to involve our wonderful staff of writers some more as well as you, our wonderful audience. We’ll be trying out some fun stuff to make this little announcement post more interactive and not just me talking about the weather every week. Stay tuned for that and don’t forget to hang out in the comments and on social media. Good things are coming.

Free Games Vrydag returns next week! This prize is so awesome that it’s positively glowing.

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