Watch how Overall BlizzCon Cosplay Winner, KeltonFX, built his award winning costume

Each year BlizzCon sees an astounding amount of cosplayers who are ready to impress, to entertain or simply to have fun. From bunny versions of your favourite Overwatch characters to groups like Project Ebon Blade, there really is something for every type of Blizzard fan. But every year there are those dedicated fans that work hard enough to get them on stage for the Community Night Cosplay Contest. And while I’m (still) waiting for an official upload of the whole event, we at least know who the winners were.

The overall and SFX winner was Kelton Ching as The Creator, which is a custom-made male skin for Symmetra. He went through a lot of research, work, and effort to get that cosplay done and it turned out awe-inspiringly magnificent. It gained so much attention while he was building it, in fact, the voice actress for Symmetra, Anjali Bhimani, stopped by as he was getting ready for a photo shoot before BlizzCon.

In the interview with Anjali, Kelton explains parts of his costume and why he chose to go in that direction. Since he is a make-up artist, illustrator and sculptor by trade this whole costume really pushed his creativity and skills. It also explains why the faces and third-eye look so amazing!

Now, The Creator wasn’t a crunch job, like some cosplayers tend to end up having to make their cosplays due to the fact that the convention is that weekend. Kelton took his time (13 months, actually) and worked from the end of BlizzCon 2017 to BlizzCon 2018. He took into account cultural influence that could possibly impact the delivery of this cosplay, which elevated it to new heights. There is so much to look at that it sort of overwhelms you a bit.

She really is just Symmetra, isn’t she? – Photo from KeltonFX’s Twitter.

Since it was such an enormous project, one that needed documentation for contest reasons, everything was recorded by Kelton to create a build log. He takes you from conceptualisation, straight through to the final product in a showcase of the whole cosplay. So if you ever wondered what goes into a cosplay like this, now’s your chance to find out.

While I would love to post about the rest of the top 25 cosplayers who made it on stage at the con, it doesn’t seem like that will be happening anytime soon. This has set the standard for next year’s BlizzCon beyond anything I could have imagined, but I just know that it will be an even wilder ride than 2018. One day I hope to make a pilgrimage to the con of Blizzard and bow before the cosplay Kings and Queens.

Go follow Kelton on Instagram and Twitter to see what his next projects will be!

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