EA announces a remaster for both Command & Conquer and Red Alert

One of the big publishing houses that surprisingly has very few remasters out in the world is Electronic Arts, but that seems to be slowly changing with the announcement of both the original Command & Conquer and the sequel, Command & Conquer: Red Alert. The remaster is set to be released on PC and will include all the expansions for both the games in the bundle with no microtransactions.

EA will be teaming up with Petroglyph Games, which includes many of the original developers at Westwood Studios, the company that originally made the Command & Conquer series. Another partnership will include Lemon Sky Studios, which will help to bring the classic games to life in stunning 4K graphics.

Game development hasn’t started yet, so don’t expect it to be released anytime soon, but it is still quite exciting news, especially for somebody who grew up with these games. I just hope the games stay true to their original charm, especially with the cheesiest of cheesy cutscenes between missions.

Source: ea.com

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