Final Fantasy XV 3D character modeller lists PS5 AAA title on LinkedIn resume

It’s hard to think that this generation is nearing its end, but every day we see signs of the next generation being worked on behind the scenes. Both Microsoft and Sony are pushing really hard to ensure that both their next-generation consoles are a big deal when they launch, as those early weeks are important to gain traction. In the end, no matter what they do, it’s the games that’ll do the talking and we now have our next lead to confirm that devs are already working on PS5 games.

Tomohiro Tokoro, a 3D character modeller at Square Enix subsidiary Luminous Productions, updated his LinkedIn profile with these details (we took a screengrab, just in case it gets removed):

No one knows for sure what that AAA title could be. It could be the next game in the Final Fantasy series or it could be something brand new, but, by all accounts, it looks like whatever it might be is exclusive to the PS5 as there is no mention of PC or Xbox in it. Go grab your popcorn, the next generation is gaining some steam and will soon become really interesting.

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