Free Games Vrydag winner is going to West Virginia

Hello Vrydag and hello to you genuinely beautiful people. Welcome to the new and improved Free Games Vrydag! Every week was just me recapping what we did during the week, announcing the winner and then talking about the weather for a bit, so we decided to shake things up a little and give this final post of the week a little more pizzazz. What this means is that it will involve YOU and also a bit of US to make things a little more personal around here. Let’s go into this new journey together and do let us know if you enjoy this new format.

Weekly wrap up!

One of the more interesting news articles this week was the fact that Sony is skipping E3 in 2019. This is a massive change that nobody saw coming since Sony has always had a presence at our annual nerd feeding grounds. The most pressing question is “why” and what do they have up their sleeves to justify this decision. I’m feeling some strong PS5 vibes here and I think 2019 is going to quite the interesting year for us.

Black Friday is coming up and the great capitalism extravaganza couldn’t hold it in and we’re already getting huge sales going live. You can find all the deals in our weekly SALES post and I sincerely hope we didn’t cause some people to go through November living off packaged ramen or poor people noodles as they should be known. Also, pour one out for Dawid’s fingers because Xbox did not hold back this year.

We had Ash channel Adam Jensen with his “Five things gamers never asked for” feature that highlighted stuff like those insipid loot boxes, DRM and the spreadsheets you need to keep track of game editions these days. The comment section was a blast with you all airing out your grievances and annoyances in a nice controlled environment. We all need to vent sometimes and what’s better than a comment section on a gaming website?

Comment of the week!

Every week we’re going to highlight one of your comments that gave us a chuckle, made us think a bit or was just incredibly witty. The first comment of the week comes to us from Zakeroph who gave us this wonderful analogy in the Burning Question that asked you when a game is good value for money. Let’s see what he had to say.

Firstly, thanks for causing an avalanche of TIMMYs in the replies and making Tim on our team confused. Secondly, this is the second time ramen noodles gets mentioned in this article. Thirdly, this is a great way of explaining a game’s value and what many others also echoed. It all depends on the gamer and as Yahtzee also said, “If you have fun while playing the game, then it’s worth it.” Words to live by.

The winner!

And now, the winner of Fallout 76. We had another record number of entries this week and ya’ll certainly like your chance to win some free stuff. Who would have guessed? But there can only be one (not so) lonely wanderer and that’s none other than:

Dirk Snyman

Congratulations to Dirk for winning this wonderful prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you and enjoy roaming the wastes while getting Country Roads Take Me Home stuck in your head every time.

Thanks to Gamefinity for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, don’t wonder anymore! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: I’ll be playing Mega Man 11 (PS4) for review, but, seeing as I typically jump between various games over a weekend, I’m also going to give my Dreamcast some love by playing Ready 2 Rumble 2. Where are the boxing games this generation? I miss those. [Yeah, where are the boxing games? Punching people in Batman games is one thing, but some good old fashioned fisticuffs with padded gloves is in short supply.]

Ash: I’ll be working on retaining my Rank #1 in solo EU PUBG. [He later added that the leaderboards have been reset so it’s going to be an eventful weekend for old Ash boy.]

Garth: This weekend is all about Fallout 76, where I will be looking for love among the weird inhabitants of Appalachia. Maybe it will be another player, or perhaps the Mothman’s breath is taken away by my fine fashion sense and extra points in Charisma. If that fails, I will try to build the perfect house to be a lonely hermit, near a mine or a cave or something. [You don’t have to look for love Wookiee, I’m right here.]

Charlie: Other than the usual Rugby, Braai and Beer, I’m planning on running around West Virginia with a certain Wookiee for a bit of reclamation fun! I also want to see if I still know how Destiny 2 works because the Thunderlord is back, and if all goes well I’ll be playing with some toys and games at the same time thanks to Starlink. Oh, and if time permits, Horse Riding Simulator 2018. [He’s talking about Red Dead Redemption 2 at the end there, by the way. Just making sure since there’s actually a Horse Riding Simulator game out there.]

Bianca: This weekend will be one of the first in a while where I have absolutely nothing planned, so I fully intend on using my new spare time playing Spyro. But I’m also currently replaying Mass Effect 2 for the umpteenth time, so I’ll be putting in a good couple of hours into that, as well. I just rescued Grunt, so this next bit is going to be extra fun! [Mass Effect 2 was a masterpiece and Tali is best girl and Thane is best fish boy, fight me.]

Tim:  I’ll be trying to 100% at least some of Spyro (which I just had for review and really enjoyed) and maybe going back to Ratchet and Clank to do the same. I’m really enjoying my cartoony platformers lately. I’m also waiting on a review copy of 11:11 – which is an arty game about the first world war with no shooting – with a deeper focus on the characters (from opposing sides) and narrative – so that sounds interesting. And if that arrives it will be likely be pushing Spyro and R&C out the window [Cheerful purple dragons and the horrors of war. Sounds like a normal Saturday night to me.]

Zain:  I’ll be jumping back into the region of Kanto and rekindling my childhood with Pikachu and the rest of the pocket monsters and master trainers with Pokémon Let’s Go. [For some reason I always pronounce the game’s title aggressively’in my head. Like, Pokemon LETS FREAKING GO.]

Marko: I’m hot off the heels off my Hitman 2 review, but I’ll probably still do some more assassinating. Besides that, I’ll be exploring some more of Fortuna in Warframe and I’m also trying to get a platinum trophy for BioShock Infinite. Why? Because I love trophies and Ken Levine, that’s why.

And that’s our first revamped and refreshed Free Games Vrydag post! Just announcing the winner is pretty boring so this is what we want to do for the future. Make sure to comment about what you’re planning for the weekend, if you like this format and what you’d maybe like to see. But for now, until next time!

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