Supermassive Games drops an eerie trailer of their new horror adventure, Man of Medan

The creators of the PlayStation 4 exclusive, Until Dawn, released a new trailer for their upcoming interactive horror adventure game Man of Medan that forms part of the Dark Pictures anthology. The trailer starts with a mysterious narrator detailing the task that lies ahead, implying that your choices have various consequences no matter what the decision.

The video shows a group of characters lost at sea that stumbles upon a wrecked ship from the WWII era with the narrator stating that you need to uncover the mystery and assure that the characters make it off this dilapidated vessel alive. All sorts of dreadful and ghastly creatures are depicted throughout the video with some choices leading to what appears to be fatal ends.

At the end of the video the moniker, “Don’t Play Alone,” suggests that Man of Medan is best endured with others, a perilous party game if you will, with each participant involved doing their bit to see the story through to the end. Man of Medan is set for release on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One early 2019 as part of a self-contained interactive horror series with a new entry set to release every six months.

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