Resident Evil 2 producer shows interest in remaking more ‘fixed camera’ Resi games

With the remake of the very popular Resident Evil 2 1998 classic now just over two months away, you can bet that fans are now reading into everything they can find that this is not the end of the remake treatment for classic Resi games. Resident Evil Zero, the original, Resident Evil 3 and, even though the game was completely created with a 3D engine, Resident Evil: Code Veronica聽made use of the popular fixed camera method of the era.

In the latest Official PlayStation UK magazine several of the members working on Resident Evil 2 remake were interviewed and when asked ‘Which game in the series would you like to remake after Resident Evil 2?’, the answer from the producer,聽Tsuyoshi Kanda, left fans with hope that this won’t be the last remake.

Hirabayashi: I don’t have room for anything in my head other than Resident Evil 2 at the moment

Kanda: I think It would be interesting to provide Over-the-shoulder versions of our fixed camera games , but for the time being my priority is making Resident Evil 2 a success

It could not have been an easy task to convert an entire game made up of pre-rendered backgrounds into a complete three-dimensional 4K game for modern hardware, but it seems he is keen to tackle similar projects now that he’s had a taste for it. Considering that we already have both a remake and remaster, albeit still fixed cameras, for Resident Evil (the first game), I think it’s time that Resident Evil 3 gets some love next. Here’s hoping.

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