Sean Bean is now killable in Hitman 2

The fantastic Hitman 2 has managed to capture my dormant master assassin heart and thanks to its endless amount of killing options, it’s a game that is surely going to stick around for a while. Added to all of that is the fantastic post-launch support that IO Interactive is giving the game. Elusive Targets make their return from the previous season which tasks players to take out a single high-value target in one attempt. It ramps up the difficulty by making targets much more elusive (surprise) and making the job harder for our bald assassin.

The first Elusive Target has arrived for Hitman 2 who is none other than Sean Bean himself, taking the role of Mark Faba, otherwise known as The Undying, who has foiled countless attempts on his life and always managed to survive assassination attempts. Considering Sean Bean’s history, this character is definitely a good fit for the man. The briefing video that you can watch below highlights some of the tactics that you can use in order to take him out. He’ll be roaming around Miami and it looks like he’s going to be quite difficult to get to.

The whole Sean Bean inclusion is probably just a bit of a jest because of Bean’s propensity to not see the ending of his movies, but it’s a fantastic start to the game’s Elusive Targets. So, if you have Hitman 2, Mr Bean is waiting for you.

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